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By Executive Proclamation: June 4 is Spencer Moran Day

On behalf of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, and in gratitude and appreciation befitting the Lakota nation, Chairman Harold Frazier, Vice-Chair Robert Walters, Treasurer Benita Clark, and Secretary EvAnn White Feather jointly declared June 4, 2021, as Spencer Moran Day!

The full version of this article can be found here June 4 is Spencer Moran Day

Spencer’s family announced plans for a basketball tournament to be held June 4, 2022.

Spencer is a recent graduate of Cheyenne-Eagle Butte High School, a fine student, and an outstanding basketball player. Spencer is also naturally self-effacing. He was not available for comment on the proclamation.

According to the Proclamation, he “is a kind-hearted person who has become a positive role model, not only for the kids who look up to him but to every person who has followed him through his high school career.”

Spencer is the son of Stevie Moran and Jackson Neigel. He “made a huge impact in the basketball world” in Eagle Butte and Dupree. Spencer is a member of the National Honor Society, Impact Now, Just Breathe, a participant in the Horsemanship Program, the Cheyenne River Strong Man contest, a state cross-country qualifier, and Cheyenne River Mr. Defense. He was named 2019 spokesperson for the IHS opiate-free campaign across the United States.

Spence recently played on the 2021 Tatanka Lakota All-Stars team. He is a Washington State 2020/21 AAU basketball Native American team Unity player. He is the 2019 Big Dakota Conference runner-up. He was selected for the 2021 Great Plains All-Star team, the 2nd team All-State South Dakota, and was named Dupree Tiger’s 2021 MVP and 2021 Offensive Player.

This paper recently featured photos of him reading to kindergarteners in addition to playing basketball.

Spencer plans to attend Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas. He wants to study social work in order to help his tribe and his people. 

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