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6 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Bison

The American buffalo, also known as bison, has always held great meaning for American Indian people…buffalo represent their spirit and remind them of how their lives were once lived, free and in harmony with nature.


The American Bison

Perhaps no other animal symbolizes the West as dramatically as the American bison. In prehistoric times millions of these animals roamed the North American Continent.


Bison, a Healthier Red Meat

Although bison have been roaming the North American Plains for hundreds of years, their meat is a relative newcomer to dinner tables in the U.S.


9 Surprising Health Benefits of Bison

Anyone who loves meat but is seeking healthier options will want to try bison or buffalo meat. Leaner than beef, bison nevertheless offers a significant protein boost. It is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as selenium, niacin, and zinc. Discover the full-body benefits of bison.

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